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A confession: The Global Goddess has never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, when everyone else in dance clubs is taking a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, I have absolutely no idea what is going on. So, I am most excited to discover the Rocky Horror Show musical will open at Brisbane’s QPAC Lyric Theatre on January 10 as part of a national tour. And the Accor hotel brand – the official accommodation partner for the 40th anniversary party production of the show – is offering Stay and See packages which include overnight accommodation, one A reserve ticket to the show and ticket booking fee. It’s enough to make you put your hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tight.
RockyHorror Show (Columbia)[1]
One of the hottest topics among travelling circles at the moment is the subject of free Wi-Fi. Essentially, none of us can understand why hotels don’t offer it, or at least something that resembles affordable. The Global Goddess is still stunned she can get free Wi-Fi in a poor fishing village along the Mekong Delta, but not in some Australian cities. So, it’s refreshing to see The Point Brisbane offering complimentary, high-speed Wi-Fi access with unlimited downloads to all guests. This Kangaroo Point hotel has just invested $100,000 in an extensive IT upgrade to enhance performance and online security. That, in The Goddess’ books, is reason enough to stay in one of the 201 rooms or suites, hold a meeting or event, and dine at its restaurant Lamberts.
The Point, Brisbane_Views
Two things the Global Goddess loves: waterslides and the Middle East. Combine the two and you’re looking at Oman’s first water park due to open in 2016 at a cost of $110 million. Situated 72km north of Muscat, the water park will stretch over 25,000 square metres and will be the first of its kind in the Sultanate. Australia’s Sanderson Group, who developed Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast, is behind this development. The Global Goddess has never been to Oman, but has been to nearby countries such as Jordan, which she enjoyed immensely. But don’t wait until 2016 to get to Oman, think about a trip there now for its long, white sandy beaches, dramatic mountain peaks, vivid green oasis and mystical desert camps.
A few years ago, The Global Goddess happily attended Absolute Sanctuary, a detox and yoga resort in Thailand’s Koh Samui. I say happily, but it was a much-needed detox for this sometimes wild child. That’s not to say I did not spend the week before with my friends, “carb loading” for what lay ahead, and I may or may not have snuck down to the beach the night before with a mate to drink as many Mai Tais as possible. I needn’t have worried. The food was plentiful and tasty, the daily spa treatments a real treat and the rooms and pool divine. The resort has just finished a six-month facelift, boasting a Moroccan theme, newly painted rooms, larger televisions and a dedicated new guest lounge. To celebrate its unveiling, the resort is launching a special end-of-year rooms promotion with 30 percent discount on its superior rooms during selected dates in November and December.
No, The Global Goddess hasn’t gone all domestic goddess on you – Design for Living is the name of the play she saw last week. This production, based on Noel Coward’s 1930s production, follows the lives of three central characters and their intertwining love lives. In Act One, you’ll find interior decorator Gilda living with painter Otto in a shabby Paris studio, but she’s spent the night with Leo. In Act Two, Gilda is now living with Leo in London and by Act Three she’s moved on to Ernest (a fourth character) in New York. It sounds complicated (what’s not when it comes to love?) but it’s a delightful and often hilarious look on life. And, it’s the final production for the Queensland Theatre Company for this year. So treat yourself to a night out.
QTC Design For Living 30, credit Rob Maccoll
The Global Goddess first met Kayleen Allen 13 years ago when they both worked together at Tourism Queensland in the best jobs in the world…promoting Australia’s leading tourism destination. Now, Kayleen has taken her passion for professional and personal development and launched a new business called Life of Sundays. Using the teachings of self-development guru Louise Hay, Kayleen offers a range of half, full-day and two-day programs and retreats where you will learn to feel valued and appreciated for you are, loved, nurtured and safe to explore your story, past beliefs and to unlock your true potential. Her next “Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams” workshop will be held in Brisbane on December 7 and 8.
One lucky Global Goddess follower has a chance to win a spot at this two-day workshop, valued at $850. Simply go to and, make sure you’re a follower by clicking on the FOLLOW button in the bottom right hand corner. Go to this post, and in the comments section, simply tell me what your Life of Sundays would look like. The competition closes at 5pm on Wednesday, November 13. The winner will be announced in The Goddess’ Briefs on Friday, November 15. For more information or to book the workshop, contact

10 thoughts on “The Goddess’ Briefs: Travel & Lifestyle tips for smart, strong, sexy and spiritual women (and the great men who love us!)

  1. Tanya Targett says:

    My perfect Sunday is rather boring, but so amazing I can feel the sun on my skin right now.

    You see, it’s sunny… Perfect weather to take the family out in the boat. And, luck is on our side, the tide is just right so that we can board said boat at a nice sociable 9.30am, having had a glorious sleep in. You see, we have to traverse a tidal river to get to open sea, and if the tide is low, we can’t go!

    But, it’s 9.30am and the high tide is nigh, giving us time to stop at either Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island or Paradise Point for some take away cappuccinos – there’s nothing like pulling up for a coffee in a boat!! The novelty never wears thin.

    And with a quality coffee in hand, we take off a day of nautical adventures, exploring sandy beaches separated from the mainland, cutting up the Broadwater and then sitting down to a fresh prawn salad… Maybe some champers or strongbows and then a snooze below deck… Before a refreshing swim, and more laughter.

    The air is so warm, the water so exquisitely salty, and the children and husband so fantastically happy.

    It’s the perfect Sunday, a day in the Sun, that recharges the soul and the spirit for another six days… Til we “repeat as above”.

  2. Amber Greene says:

    My dream Sunday involves a sleep-in, a swim in the Brunswick River, reading the paper quietly with a cup of tea by my side, a walk into town for a delicious gelati, spending time with my boys, and reading the latest issue of Inside Out, or Real Living. Lying on the couch would be a bonus. Having my meals made for me, an even bigger dream! Oh, to live the life of luxury!

  3. Danielle says:

    Nothing. Yes that’s right, nothing but waking and seeing what unfolded next. No deadlines, no meals to be cooked, clothes to be washed, appointments to made or had, simply nothing but what unfolded with fabulous friends and family.

  4. Myriam Raymond says:

    Oh dear… sleep? At least until 8am (that is an enormous sleep-in for me as I am usually up at 5am)… and then quietly wandering around my newly renovated home, still in progress after the floods but shaping itself into a picture of things, of life at home, that I had always dreamed of. So yes: just being at home! Of course the dishes would all be done, and the vacuuming, and the bathroom would be clean. There would be no washing to do (on a perfect Sunday) and leaves to sweep up off the decks. The only chore would be to make coffee, and that would be a pleasure in the new kitchen. All the ingredients for a big family dinner would already be in the fridge: duck with roast veggies – something I am actually confident I can’t stuff up, and on a perfect Sunday I won’t. After a leisurely shower, I’ll have that cup of coffee on the back deck, surrounded by the greenery of tall trees that I have lifted my house to meet and say hello. I’ll have a pleasant conversation with my dog, explaining the plans for later that day: that my sister and parents will come over for a regular Sunday visit at afternoon tea time (for which we will presently make a cake (which I shall not stuff up as this is a perfect Sunday)) and my sister will bring her dog, and we’ll have our Sunday family-eating-talking-drinking-wine ritual and maybe my Papa will help me fix something on the house that needs attending (it’s good to always have something to “do”). And maybe my Momo will help me work out a tricky bit on a dress that I’ve started to sew for myself (because perfect Sundays are for things that you love to do, and I do like the idea of making my own clothes, and especially not stuffing them up). And my sister will, of course, talk and talk like she always does and especially to the dogs, who will wag their tails and hang off every unintelligible word.

  5. Ivan Beazleigh says:

    My perfect Sunday would be having a swim in the Ocean and then kicking back and listening to a live band play while feeling the seas breeze drift past and hear the many sounds of the beach interact with the music coming from the other direction,
    Simple i know but that is my Heaven

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