Here’s what some of my valued tourism partners have to say about me as a professional travel writer and blogger…

“Christine Retschlag is a joy to work with on numerous levels. Not only does she engage readers with her entertaining stories and wonderful wit, she is reliable and on time in her delivery. Behind the fun-loving personality is a hard-working journalist who understands the business. True to her reputation as The Global Goddess, her writing is also divine.”
Astrid Mullholland-Licht, Austrian National Tourist Office Director

“Christine is easy to work with and a true professional. Working together on a Papua New Guinea Tourism project she understood our objectives from the get go and was proactive in giving her creative suggestions and direction. Keeping me well informed along the project timeline, she delivered great results in line with what we were after and her stories were beautifully written and captured the destination vividly. I’m looking forward to working with her again.”
Naomi Joyce, PR Account Manager, GTI Tourism

“Christine is not only an accomplished and award-winning travel writer, she also has that rare ability to use words that create travel experiences in the readers’ mind. As a trained journalist and with a passion for writing, Christine is able to entertain, inform and tell stories about her travel experiences in a way that brings you along on the journey with her. I’ve worked with Christine for over a decade and she has never missed a deadline. She rolls her sleeves up and gets straight into the task at hand and delivers accurate content that has been well researched. As Christine travels all over Queensland and the rest of the world on familiarisations, often as part of a contingent of visiting media, Christine never holds the team up and values the clients’ time and organisation that goes into media familiarisations. She will put her hand up for all types of travel experiences from high adrenalin activities, eating exotic meals in remote locations to mixing it with the locals in an outback pub. Christine knows what questions to ask to get the best information for her stories and produces amazing content for her blog and other outlets.”
Bruce Wallace – Director, Destination Marketing, Tourism and Events Queensland

“Christine Retschlag’s The Global Goddess is a well-written witty take on the adventures of a life well-lived and extremely well- travelled. Christine has put the art of luxury resort road testing to great effect in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and has an effortless ability to joyfully take the reader on her journey of discovery. I am looking forward to reading the next Banyan Tree Chapter on her wonderful blog spot.”
Victoria Hobbs – Director of Sales & Marketing – Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

“At Barking Owl Communications our reputation is built on knowing the right journalists to work with who can deliver a great read for our clients. Christine is definitely on our top “go to” list. She was one of the first travel bloggers in Australia and I applaud the fact that she developed a special niche for herself rather than going with a mainstream approach.

We love working with her as she is open to brainstorming angles for media famil trips and helps us to make the most out of every opportunity. She is also a real joy to travel with – on time, responsible, respectful of everyone she meets and also terrific company with a great interest for all that she sees and does.

And when it comes time to writing up her story, it is always a great pleasure to read what Christine delivers. Her blog is the right blend of humour, information and great storytelling – a combination not always easy to achieve.

With media relations programs now moving into a space where traditional and digital are blending more and more we are excited to know that there are true professionals like Christine with whom we can work in the blog space.”
Jill Collins, Manager, Barking Owl Communications

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