Find Your Tribe

I’M just back from the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) annual convention and awards. The ASTW is now in its 42nd year and each year we meet somewhere around the world to discuss industry issues, network and to recognise outstanding travel writing, photography and PR. This year I was a finalist for Best Travel Blog; Best Cruise Story; and Best Tourism News Story. Congratulations to my fellow finalists and award winners. And a huge thanks to Sunshine Coast Tourism and the ASTW itself. You are my tribe. Those fabulously funny and witty writers and photographers and PR colleagues who truly understand the long, lonely hours on the road, trekking the globe in search of its best stories.
To my beautiful followers of this blog, find your tribe and you’ll never be alone.
Happy Travels!

4 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe

  1. Elisa Elwin says:

    I am of course a little choked up on resting this.

    Choosing to believe you wrote this Just to me, including others so as not to offend.

    Stay remarkable Chris! See you soon. Elisa xx

    Elisa Elwin Publisher & Owner Out & About with Kids


  2. bmalzard says:

    Yep, the tribe met, the council spoke and not one contestant was voted off the island. Good going I say! Always run with the strength I say. Onya sista!

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